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Fleas and How Playing Music Can Get Rid of Them

Our pest controllers have just given us a heads up that we are coming into one of the worst seasons of fleas in years.   The best cure is prevention so here are the facts and the tips we have for you on how to keep fleas away.  If you’re like me and scratch at the very thought of fleas, the info below is a must read.


  • Fleas will lay dormant until there is vibration which is why fleas return after a spray has been carried out.
  • A flea spray will only kill the live fleas. The eggs will remain unhatched and ready for vibration to wake them up.
  • If you see a small brown flea, it’s an unfed flea and has only recently hatched
  • If you see a black flea, it’s a flea that has fed on blood
  • Flea bombs are ineffective as they do not leave a residual to kill fleas once eggs hatch
  • Eggs hide particularly well between timber floors
  • Very hot and dry conditions, as we are experiencing now, are the perfect breeding habitat for fleas


How To Get Rid of Fleas


Prepare the area

Before getting a flea spray carried out, mop and vacuum your floors and lift everything up off the floor.   Hose down all outside areas.   Wash your pet’s bedding.

Bath time

There’s no point in treating your house unless you treat your pet.   Bath and flea treat your pet, remove your pet from the premises, spray for fleas, bring your pet back to the premises and bath and treat your pet again.

Play music

It sounds absurd but leaving a radio going after a pest spray will cause enough vibration for the eggs to hatch and the next cycle of fleas to be eradicated

Keep vacuuming

As often as possible vacuum your floors and ensure that you empty the contents of your vacuum into the outside bin immediately

No mopping

After having a flea spray carried out, do not mop your floors for 7 to 14 days.   As soon as you mop, you are undoing all of the work that the pest spray is designed to do