Be Careful Who You Rent Through

Are you sick of agencies who treat you like garbage because you’re a tenant?   Do you feel like a second class citizen because you are renting?   Don’t just find the right property, find the right property manager.   Here are 6 things all great tenants should look for:

Advertising Addresses

There’s nothing more annoying than seeing a home that looks fantastic but it doesn’t say where it is, especially if you need to consider school catchment areas.   Rather than have your time wasted waiting days for a response, look at the agents who advertise the address.

Quality Photos and Lots of Them

Properties with photos on sideways, only 1 photo of the outside, dark and dingy pics – there are plenty of bad advertisements out there.   If the agent doesn’t care about how the property looks online, it begs the question, “will they care about the house once you move in?”   Having lots of photos (and good quality ones) makes it much easier to check out the home BEFORE you view, again saving you precious time.


The attitude you receive from an agent when looking for a property can be a very good indication of what they will be like to have as a property manager.   A great agency will be pleasant, helpful and generally happy to be at work.

Inspection Times and Bookings

Not everybody has the luxury of being able to skip out of work for half an hour to look at a property during business hours and most people do not want to wait for 2 days to receive a call back about booking an inspection.   The internet is 24/7 and booking inspections are also available 24/7 with some agencies.   The agents who use Inspect Real Estate will show a blue BOOK INSPECTION button.   With Welcome Home Rentals, you can even book Saturday inspections right from your phone or computer.


Do you really have the time to fill out a different hand written application for each agency?   Probably not which is why you should look for an agent who accepts on line applications as well.   These are completed through 1Form via and can be repeatedly used for different properties and different agencies.   Fill it out once and you’re done.

Quality of Properties

Properties can sometimes need a good clean, or perhaps a repair or two prior to leasing.   If you’re viewing a property and the place is filthy, make sure you ask the agent if it’s being bond cleaned.   You should be moving into a spotlessly clean home.   Also watch out for agents who list anything.   If it’s a dump now, chances are it will stay a dump.   Agents who care, do not allow properties to become rundown and unappealing.

Experience the Welcome Home Rentals Difference…

Many agents promote themselves to property investors, forgetting how important tenants are.   At Welcome Home Rentals, we recognise the key role our tenants play in our business and we ensure that we provide a high level of service to these wonderful people including:

Detailed Entry Condition Reports

We spend in excess of four hours in a home, carefully documenting everything and taking in excess of 800 photographs to protect our tenants from bond claims on something they didn’t do.   Many agents skip through a home in an hour, writing a mere one line and taking very few photos.   Later on, the big scrape up the wall that was there is blamed on the tenant.   You shouldn’t have to spend hours completing an entry report.   That is the agents’ job!

A Dedicated Maintenance Manager

We are the only agency in Gympie that has a dedicated manager for repairs so it’s no wonder that our tenants have items fixed so quickly.   We also have the Maintenance Manager app, available on your smartphone, making reporting maintenance fast and ensuring you are kept up to date with where the request is at.

Homes That Are Looked After

We don’t manage dumps.   If we wouldn’t want to live there, we don’t expect that you will either.   We are very selective about which properties we manage and we hold our owners to high standard.   Upon signing up a property, we have our owners agree to carrying out repairs quickly once reported.

Guaranteed Call Backs

We not only promise a return call within 4 business hours, we deliver!

Early Lease Renewal Offers

We contact the owner 2 to 3 months before your lease expires and seek instructions for renewal.   Once we get the green light, we contact you and offer the new lease.   If you decide you would like to move, you get first pick of our upcoming properties. Yes, we will actively look for something that you want!

A Happy Agent

We have a reputation for being kind and helpful and that’s for one reason… We are happy to be at work.   Check out our Facebook and Google Reviews to read what other tenants have to say about us.