Routine Inspections… Is Your Property Manager Just Popping In?

Tenants often freak out about whether their beds are made for routine inspections but is this really what property managers are looking at?

Hi, I’m Kylie from Welcome Home Rentals and we know that routine inspections are a great opportunity to nip problems in the bud, and also to check in with our tenants and let them know they are appreciated.

Sure, it’s nice to report back to a client and tell them their house looks great but what is it that we are actually looking for?

Dripping taps – left unrepaired these can lead to excess water bills and tenants may be tempted to turn taps off too tight which can cause the fittings to need reseating rather than just a washer change

Safety risks – wobbly railings, loose step treads, lifting carpet, cracked tiles, rotting floor boards – any issues that may cause a safety risk for the tenant is a huge liability risk for a property investor

Cleaning – and no, not whether the laundry has been folded.   It’s important to look for anything that may cause damage if the cleaning isn’t attended to.   Specifically mould in showers will become permanent if not treated.   Calcium will cause shower doors to become pitted or foggy.   Ovens not cleaned on a regular basis will damage the enamel.

Smoke alarms – Tenants can be tempted to remove the batteries after the toast burns but this can be terribly dangerous, not to mention void your insurance.

Lawns and gardens – It’s easy for lawns to shoot up when it rains but being able to keep an eye on the condition of the grounds is important.   Sometimes lawns may need a helping hand with some Feed and Weed and gardens always thrive with a fresh layer of mulch.

Are your tenants happy?   This is a big one that is often forgotten.   Routine inspections offer the perfect chance to engage with tenants and to build on the business relationship.

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