Carpet Cleaning Can Be A Rip-Off

Anybody who hires a machine can apply for an ABN and call themselves a carpet cleaner but there’s a huge difference between ‘registered’ and ‘reputable’.

Paul from Promax Pest and Carpets explained it perfectly on his recent Facebook post.

“Some have been asking me the difference between a truck mount Steam Cleaning Machine & a portable shampooer.

This has come about as a result of the difference in price among Carpet Cleaners. One customer asked me yesterday to reduce my price by $50.00 in order to match a competitor. As you can see from the photos below, we run a truck mount set-up to the value of around $50,000. For this reason, we are unable to match the price of anyone using a portable machine which are valued at around $2000 – $3000.

Whilst there is no doubt that these little portables do clean carpet, Promax Pest & Carpets, along with some other local companies choose a much higher standard of equipment (at great cost) resulting in a very different clean. So really it’s a personal choice as to what level you require. But just remember you can’t win a Bathurst race in a mini minor.”


Truck Mount Set-Up Carpet Cleaner


We often find that tenants will engage the services of businesses offering very cheap services, only to wind up paying for another callout when the job isn’t satisfactory.   Recently we had a tenant vacate where the carpets had been “cleaned” and left sopping wet with multiple stains.

Gympie Pest and Clean were called in to carry out another clean and, instead of the tenant having to pay for replacement carpet, the carpets were returned to a condition that allowed us to re-let the property.

Like anything, you get what you pay for.   Just make sure that when booking your carpet cleaning, you don’t end up paying twice!

Thank you to Paul from Promax Pest and Carpets for allowing us to use his article.


Portable Carpet Cleaner