Our top 5 attributes of a great tenant

Just like bad tenants, great tenants leave clues and when we see these 5 we get excited

  1. On time and well prepared. When a tenant arrives on time (or even early) for the inspection, we know that they are organised and respectful. When they arrive with paperwork already completed, a tape measure for the fridge space and a list of good questions, we know they are motivated.
  2. Falling in love. No, not with each other.   With your house!   Tenants who love your home will be compelled to take better care of it and stay longer.
  3. Solid history. Just like employers, we look for tenants with a stable job history and rental history.   A tenant who has been with a company for more than 6 months and has lived in the same property for more than 12 months will always be favoured over a tenant who has a history of changing jobs and moving every 2 months.
  4. The responsible pet owners and responsible parents are very easy to spot.   These tenants are sussing out the yard and fencing and are genuinely looking for a property that is suitable.
  5. Good communicators. Applying for a rental property is very much like applying for a job and making a good impression is important.   No, we aren’t talking about sucking up.   But tenants who take the time to engage with the property manager show that they know how to communicate.   Effective communication is vital between an agent and tenant.