Not attending to repairs can cost thousands

How not attending to repairs quickly can cost you thousands

It can be tempting to delay fixing a leaking tap or getting a termite inspection carried out.   Will it really matter if the deck doesn’t get oiled this year?

Here are the common mistakes we see property investors making and how a little job quickly becomes big and expensive:

Leaky taps – Yes, years ago many tenants were able to fix their own leaky washers but nowadays it’s more common to be sending the plumber.   Owners who choose not to replace washers will often find themselves reseating taps as tenants turn taps off tighter and tighter to stop the water dripping.   If taps are leaking, why not get the plumber to replace the washers in every faucet at the time.   The most expensive part is the callout fee so you may as well make the most of it.

Gutters.   Not cleaning these out on a regular basis will cause gutters to rust out much sooner and rain water tanks will collect more tannans from the leaves requiring frequent tank cleans and filter cartridge replacements.

Termite inspections.   When these little critters get munching, they are hungrier than a teenager after school.   Termites will literally eat away your savings and cost thousands to repair.   Not to mention put off future buyers.   The best cure is prevention.

Decks and verandahs.   Not keeping the oil up to these will cause floorboards to rot much quicker than they should.   Not only is this expensive, but it can also pose a safety risk for the tenants, and therefore a legal liability for you.