Moving Out

Leaving your rental property can be an extremely busy and stressful time. If you are considering leaving your property, contact your property manager. We may be able to find you something suitable to move to.

If you have already found a property, and your lease has, or is, expired, you will need to complete a Notice of Intention to Vacate. From there, we will send you a vacate pack.

If your lease has not yet expired, you will need to complete a Lease Break form.  Fees and charges apply.


The property will be advertised on, our website and sometimes our Facebook page.  We may ask for your permission to show prospective tenants through the property prior to you vacating. Usually, we will call you to obtain your permission and try to work in a time that suits you. In the event that we are unable to contact you, we will issue you with an Entry Notice giving the required notice.


The property must be returned to our office in the same condition as when you entered the property. Refer back to your Entry Condition Report and see if there are any changes.  You can also view the entry inspection photos via your One Drive link.  Lost it?  Just call us and we can re-send.

RENT: Rent must be paid up to and including the day you vacate and handover keys to the Property. Failure to continue paying rent will impact badly on your payment history and may jeopardise your future rental applications. The bond is NOT to be used for rent payments.

CLEANING: The property must be thoroughly cleaned. A vacate clean is a big job so if time does not permit you to clean the property yourself, we strongly suggest you seek the services of a professional cleaner. We can recommend:

Gympie Pest and Clean – 0408 733 212

LAWNS/GARDEN: All lawns must be neatly mowed & whippersnipped and all gardens must be weeded and free of rubbish. Again, if you do not have time to take care of this yourself, we can recommend the services of:

The Lawn Grub – 0404 903 637

CARPET CLEANING: All carpets must be professionally cleaned by a reputable Carpet Cleaning company. You must provide our office with a receipt as proof. Please do not undertake the carpet cleaning yourself with a hired machine. This does not count and you will be asked to hire a professional carpet cleaner to do the job again. We recommend:

Gympie Pest and Clean – 0408 733 212
Promax Carpet Cleaning – 0408 072 033

PEST CONTROL FOR FLEAS: If there has been a pet kept at the property at ANY time during your tenancy, the property must be professionally sprayed for fleas, inside & out by a reputable Pest Control company. You must provide our office with a receipt as proof. Please do not undertake the pest control yourself. This does not count and you will be asked to hire a professional pest controller to do the job again. We recommend:

Gympie Pest and Clean – 0408 733 212
Promax Carpet Cleaning – 0408 072 033

KEYS: All keys for the property must be returned on handover date. Please note that we cannot accept keys back until that date as you are still legally responsible for the property until then. We will be matching the keys handed back by you against the photocopy taken when you first leased the property. Any missing keys must be replaced by you and at your expense.  The same applies to flat batteries in garage remotes.  We recommend:

Gympie Master Locksmiths – 5482 4248 (located on Stewart Terrace)

DAMAGES:   If you have accidentally chipped paint, indented a wall, torn a screen or had any kind of mishap, you are best to have repairs carried out BEFORE we inspect.   Many tenants will make attempts to hide issues and hope that we don’t find them.   We are trained to see everything and you’ll simply delay getting your bond back if we have to find it and arrange repairs.   Below is our handyman who can fix just about anything.

Gympie Property Maintenance – 0408 833 938


On handover day, return all keys and paperwork to our office before 5 pm. Failure to return keys will result in you being charged additional rent.


We will complete the final inspection within 3 business days after you vacate. You will be contacted after the vacate inspection has been completed and advised of any items requiring attention.

Please note that our office has a 24 hour deadline for any additional cleaning required after you have been notified.  After that, rent will be charged at the daily rate until the property is ready for somebody to move into.

After items have been rectified, we will reinspect the premises and complete the bond refund on line.

If any item(s) remains unsatisfactory, or you do not wish to return to the property to attend to the issue/s we will engage a professional cleaner and / or contractor to attend to the issue/s and a claim will be made from the Bond for the costs associated.


We try to resolve the issue as promptly as possible to enable the Property to be relet and to refund your Bond amount that is not in dispute if applicable. This means the amount of Bond required to complete the work will be held at the RTA until the matter is resolved one way or another.

You may contact the RTA and complete a Form 16 – Dispute Resolution form.

The Agency can engage a professional cleaner or contractor (or both) to complete the items that need to be rectified and obtain Tax Invoices forming part of the claim on the Bond amount held. Usually a mediator from the RTA acts as a third party to help resolve the disputed Bond amount or issue/s.

As a last resort, the Tribunal is in place to deal with the disputes and a decision is made by a Referee who considers evidence provided by the Agent and the Tenant related to the matter.