Most popular types of rental properties

What Makes the Perfect Rental Property?

In a nutshell, one that is popular and will attract long term tenants.   In our experience here are the types of properties that make tenants go, “ooh”

  1. Dual living. Because these are few and far between and offer so much space and opportunity, tenants will come from far and wide to inspect these gems.   Just recently we held an open house on a 2 storey dual living property and we had 12 groups through the first inspection.   The owner had his pick of nearly everybody who inspected and the property was leased at a premium price within the week.   Dual living properties are very popular with large and extended families.
  2. Horse friendly. Animal lovers want to live with their animals and a property that is suitable for horses will achieve a much higher price than lifestyle acreage.   Most horse owners are paying for agistment and have the annoying daily commute to feed and care for their animals.   Eliminate the expensive and tiring car trips and property investors will see a huge interest in their property.
  3. Renovated Queenslanders. These charmers really do charm tenants and we have experienced the highest level of interest on these renovated beauties.
  4. Yes, boys really do love their sheds so if you have a great kitchen and more than a double lock up garage you are onto a winner.   Jet skis, caravans, boats, trailers, show cars and Harleys… the toys need to be stored safely and tenants are prepared to pay a premium price.

Still not sure which ones are more popular?   If you look at, you can see how many hits a property has had.