Investors often have the same questions.   One of the most popular is “How is the market doing”.   As we approach what is normally an extremely busy time of year, we are seeing an improvement on what has been an unseasonably quiet time.

Vacancies are the highest they have been since February this year.   This is most likely due to a lull in the sales market.   We are seeing an increasing number of clients listing their home for rent while they “wait for the sales market to pick up”.   More rental properties mean tenants have plenty of choice and don’t need to act as quickly.

The current average days on market for a rental property in the Gympie area is 44.   We are very proud to report that Welcome Home Rentals average days on market is less than half that at 20 days.

Even still, waiting 3 weeks for a result can have a massive impact on your financial situation.   It is vital that your property sits competitively in the market place.   Sometimes a small price reduction will be necessary in order to save money in the long run through loss of rent due to vacancy.

Additionally, quality photographs and property description will help your home to stand out.   For more tips on how to rent your property faster, sign up for our Property Investor’s Guide