Information for Approved Tenants


Once your application has been approved, we will notify you by phone and arrange a time for you to sign your lease and other documents. The lease agreement and 17a will be emailed to you along with bank account details for the payment of your first 2 weeks rent. Payment of the first 2 weeks rent and bond must be paid within 24 hours of being approved. Failure to make payment will result in the property being re-advertised for rent.

Tenant Induction Video

Before you can collect your keys, you must watch our tenant induction video.   The program we use will tell us when you have watched it, and it will also tell us if you haven’t.  If you are unable to watch the video from your mobile phone or computer at home, you will be required to watch it in our office before we can allow you to take the keys.  We promise it isn’t too long and boring and it is stuff you really need to know.


A rental bond of 4 weeks rent is required.  If you are applying for a bond loan, please ensure you notify our agency immediately.

We also work with a company called Easy Bond whereby you can get instant approval for your bond and pay it off over 6 or 12 months (** interest applies)

Utility Connections – Getting Connected

Connecting your power, gas, telephone and internet is your responsibility. For your convenience, we can arrange for Your Porter / iSelect to contact you and schedule your connections. This is a free service.

Changing Your Address

Be sure to update your address where necessary. This might include; Department of Transport, banks, superannuation funds, schools, work and so forth. Please also ensure you advise us of your new home phone number and PO Box if applicable.

Entry Condition Report

This document clearly defines the condition of the property prior to you taking possession. Please ensure that you complete your section within 3 days and return it to our office. Failure to return the document in time will result in the original document being used when you vacate the premises regardless of whether you agree.

Contents Insurance

The owners’ insurance will not cover anything belonging to you in the event of natural disaster. Therefore it is vital that you take out your own contents insurance policy.