How To Improve Your Chances of Renting

If you’re like many people, you may be finding that it’s hard to get a rental property.  Click here to find out the secret tips on how to get noticed

Send Meaningful Emails to Agents

In our office, we receive more than 150 enquiries per day.  The tenants who really stand out are those tell us a little bit about who they are when sending an email.  For eg:

“Hi!   I’m moving from Brisbane, 2 adults, 3 children, 1 staffy dog (4 years old).  Coming to the area for work as husband has secured a job with INSERT BUSINESS NAME.  We would like to find a property that has room for a trampoline and we need to be moved in by the end of February.  Our budget is a maximum of $350”

This paints a picture for us and we might know of something coming up that isn’t yet advertised.  Many of our properties don’t make it onto because we are able to find tenants before advertising.

Be Organised and Apply Early

Sometimes there can be anywhere up to 25 people coming through an inspection.  No, it’s not fair.  And yes it would be nice to see the home on your own but there’s often too many people looking to allow for agents to show you through by yourself.

As soon as you see a property you like, book the earliest inspection available.  If you book in for a weeks’ time, the property may already be leased.

If you really think the property is what you’re looking for, apply before you view.

Fill Out Your Applications Properly

I cannot begin to tell you how much time our team spends chasing up missing documents, missing signatures, proof of income, wrong phone numbers… it’s irritating so an application with legible details and nothing missing will naturally go to the top of the pile.  Make it easy and ensure you have it all ready to go.  If you can’t scan your ID in, take photos and email it through.

Be On Time

If you’re late to the inspection, you make us late to our next appointment, or we feel rude when we have to tell you that you’ve missed the time.  We make sure we are a little early to inspections so we can allow you the proper time to come through.  Set a reminder on your phone and make sure you leave a little early in case of traffic, especially at school pick up or drop off time

Don’t Lie

We do find out if you’ve had unapproved pets, your tenant ledger will show any arrears, and those routine inspections you thought weren’t all that important?   Your property manager or landlord is giving us the low-down.  If you have been picked up multiple times for not cleaning your oven or having lawns so high you can’t see the house, it hurts your chances.  You can’t get mad at the property manager – they’ve been asked for a reference and need to be honest.

Turn Up

We aren’t the only agency in town who have a little black book on tenants who book inspections and don’t turn up.  We have put on a uniform, logged out keys and driven to the property because you wanted to see it so if you can’t make it, call and cancel and make sure you call at least 30 minutes before you are supposed to be there.

A Cover Letter

Some tenants choose to stand out by writing a cover letter to the owner.  We are happy to present these if they are supplied.  Pet references and photos are also super helpful – and really cute!

Hire a Cleaner and / or Gardener

Many tenants think they have good references but don’t.  As stated in the Don’t Lie tip, we do find out everything that we can to protect our owners so things like notice to remedy breaches for not cleaning or not mowing lawns doesn’t make you stand out in a good way.  If you know that your previous history shows a blemish or two, have a plan ready.  Tell your property manager that you are happy to pay extra to have lawns included.  Offer to hire a cleaner to conduct weekly or fortnightly cleans.

Be Careful What You Post on Facebook

Most property managers are members of different on line social media groups.  Trashing a property manager doesn’t do you any favours.  It shows that when something goes wrong, or you’ve been asked to do something you didn’t like (for eg, clean your oven), you will air it in a public forum and go on the attack.  Also, when you say you don’t have pets but your Facebook profile shows a puppy lying on your lounge, it’s a dead giveaway.

Be Nice!

Property management is a great job, but it can also be downright horrid at times.  The people who are nice automatically encourage property managers to help them.  Remember, you catch more flies with honey.


If you’re looking for a rental property and you have great references, visit our available properties page and see the huge variety of homes we have.  Our properties are clean and well maintained and we conduct repairs quickly.