How to make your rental property stand out

Free Marketing Vs Paid Marketing

When did you last visit Even with a small search area, you’re going to see a lot of property listings – so how do you stand out?

We are living in a digital world and tenants are heading to online media sources to find their next property. And they’re going to get hundreds of options to chose from. Row after row, and if your property doesn’t stand out from the rest, you may be overlooked. So what makes your property stand out? Two key things:

One, great photos. And two, well written property descriptions that sell the assets of your property.  So before you sign up an agent be sure to check out how they profile properties online. Are their photos professional? Are their property descriptions selling the property, not just telling you how many rooms it has? While you’re at it, why not check out how we do it. At Welcome Home Rentals, we make your ad sizzle and our always include complimentary professional photography. And if you’re impressed, be sure to share this video with someone you know who has investment properties.