How to find what your tenants are hiding

What Your Tenants Are Hiding And How We Can Tell

Nobody likes routine inspections – having a property manager come in and “check up” can feel like a real invasion of privacy… and pretty scary if there are damages.

You might be wondering if your tenant has ever ‘covered up’ the evidence.   Here are some things we have discovered over the years.

Floor mats and rugs can often be hiding stains on carpet or damage to tiles and vinyl which is why it’s important to check underneath.

Children’s drawings, posters and large picture frames can be used to cover up a hole in a wall.

The presence of pet hair, dishes and toys usually gives away an unapproved cat or dog that has been removed from the property during the inspection.

Strong air freshener can be an attempt to hide cigarette smell inside the home.

Garage doors can be left up to hide dents from being backed into.

Empty containers and chemical boxes including paint thinner, acetone, iodine, hydrogen peroxide, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid and ammonia can point to a home meth lab – particularly if access is denied to a garden shed.

Property management often requires a little detective work and a lot of gut instinct.

Being aware of problems quickly will help you to act quickly – whether that be by issuing a notice to remedy breach or perhaps deciding not to continue the tenancy.

A stitch in time saves 9 and it’s these little tips and tricks that will help you to protect your investment so that you don’t lose money.

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