Don’t Let Your Pet Chew Up Your Bond

For anybody who read last week’s article, you hopefully got a giggle and realised that despite being a property manager, I too am human and have caused damage to the property I live in.

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be looking at ways that you can protecpuppy-chewing-shoest your bond, keeping in mind that prevention is better than cure.

Today we are talking about our fluffy, furry friends – our lovable, cheeky and sometimes naughty pets.

Dogs in particular love company.   While you’re out all day working and interacting with others, they are watching the door and listening for the sound of the garage door coming up.   Over the years I have seen pets:

  • Chew verandah railings
  • Go to the toilet inside – and yes, usually on carpet
  • Shed hair… lots and lots of hair
  • Dig holes
  • Scratch and chew on blinds and claw at carpets
  • Stain outdoor entertainment area concrete with fats and oils from their skin

Here are our top tips for ensuring that your pet doesn’t chew up your bond.

Boredom Busters

  • Leave some chew toys around to entertain your dog when you’re out. There are some fantastic toys called Kongs, some of which you can stuff with treats.   Check them out here
  • Leave an article of your clothing in their bed. Sometimes your dog is simply missing you.   Something with your scent can alleviate anxiety
  • Exercise is vital for pets and a walk with the dog in the morning improve on your day, too. A good dog is a tired dog.

Scratching the Itch

  • Cats claw things to remove the outer husk of their claws to encourage new growth to come through and also to exercise their muscles. The best way to ensure your kitty cat’s attention is focused away from carpets, blinds and your furniture is to buy them a cat scratching station of their very own like this one here.scratching-post_0

When Your Dog Digs Himself into a Hole

  • My beagle, JJ, was a terrible digger. We lost many a plant and had to fill in many a hole… until we built him his very own sandpit.   Although he does more sunbaking in it than digging, it does seem to have solved the problem and he’s no longer digging his way to China

A Hairy Solution

  • There isn’t much you can do to stop your pet from losing hair but regular brushing will help.

Just Lying Around…

  • Fats and oils from your dog’s skin will stain concrete outdoor entertainment areas. Making sure they have a hammock style bed outside to sleep on will encourage them away from sleeping on the concrete.   They will choose to sleep on the concrete as it’s nice and cool so the hammock style beds are great as they keep air circulating around their tummy.

Our next article will be focused on carpets – how to keep them clean and what to do if you spill something.