How to pick the right property for you

5 questions you should ask before choosing a property manager

How to make it easy to accept rental applications

Bonds and Carpets

Carpets – What You Can’t Hide Under A Rug

Carpets in your rental home can be disastrous if you spill something.  We’ve gathered some helpful information to ensure your bond isn’t gone in a flash as a result of stains. Read more

Why I Wouldn’t Get My Bond Back

Moving is streworry-about-your-bondssful!  Trying to find something that timed perfectly with the end of your lease, filling out applications, chewing your nails waiting for the phone to ring with an answer as to whether you have been approved… and then there’s the actual packing. Read more

Investors often have the same questions

Investors often have the same questions.   One of the most popular is “How is the market doing”.   As we approach what is normally an extremely busy time of year, we are seeing an improvement on what has been an unseasonably quiet time.

Is Your Property Manager Lying To You?

On a daily basis we receive calls from property investors who are unhappy with their current agent but they are bullied into staying. In the past week we have had 4 property investors contact us and engage our services as a result of being unhappy with their current agent. Read more

Can You Fix It? Yes, But Only If You Know About It

Being a property manager and married to a manager of Laminex, the word maintenance is something I hear almost every day.   Admittedly I often zone out when Grant is talking about the B line, or D line – even as I type that I’m not sure I picked the right letter of the alphabet. Read more