Water Charges… Are You Missing Out?

Like any investment, there are ways to maximise your return… and there’s a risk of missing out.  Property owners in the Gympie region should have now received their rates notices and might be inclined to grumble and groan, pay it and file it away.  But investors should stop and ask themselves (or their property manager), “Should I be invoicing my tenant for water usage?”

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flea spray

Fleas and How Playing Music Can Get Rid of Them

Our pest controllers have just given us a heads up that we are coming into one of the worst seasons of fleas in years.  The best cure is prevention so here are the facts and the tips we have for you on how to keep fleas away.  If you’re like me and scratch at the very thought of fleas, the info below is a must read. Read more

Is your property vacant because your advertisement is pathetic?

If your property is vacant and your advertisement is pathetic, you have little chance of leasing your property quickly and to a quality tenant. Read more

What Your Property Manager Says About You… After You Vacate

Property manager tenancy references – everybody has a story… and like any story there’s three sides – yours, theirs and the truth.  So how do the ‘stories’ differ? Read more

Carpet Cleaning Can Be A Rip-Off

Anybody who hires a machine can apply for an ABN and call themselves a carpet cleaner but there’s a huge difference between ‘registered’ and ‘reputable’.

Paul from Promax Pest and Carpets explained it perfectly on his recent Facebook post.

“Some have been asking me the difference between a truck mount Steam Cleaning Machine & a portable shampooer. Read more

Don’t Let Your Pet Chew Up Your Bond

For anybody who read last week’s article, you hopefully got a giggle and realised that despite being a property manager, I too am human and have caused damage to the property I live in. Read more