Applying for a Property

Searching for a rental property can be exhausting. Especially when you find the property of your dreams, only to call the agent and find out that it’s already gone. At Welcome Home Rentals, we update our website continually. You can find a full list of our available properties here

How to Apply

For your convenience, our agency accepts online applications through Click Apply Online on the property you wish to apply for

If you wish to apply in writing click the button below to access our rental application form for download and printing

Information needed

Everybody over the age of 18 must complete an application form. Please ensure you spend the necessary time to complete your application properly. Failure to complete and sign all necessary sections will result in longer processing time which could mean that you miss out on your ideal property.

100 points of ID Each applicant must provide 100 points of ID. 100 points can be made up of:

  • Last 4 Rent Receipts 20
  • Birth Certificate 10
  • Drivers’ License 30
  • Pension / Health Care 15
  • 18+ Card / Photo ID 30
  • Utility Bill 15
  • Passport 30
  • Payslips 15
  • Tenant Ledger 20
  • Car Rego Papers 15

Processing Your Application

When processing your rental application, we will:

  • Check your paperwork to ensure all details have been completed
  • Check that 100 points of ID have been provided and that details match
  • Conduct a 30% income test to ensure you can afford the property. To do this we take your combined income and multiply by 30%. The figure must not exceed the weekly rent. For example, if the combined income for the applicants is $900 per week, you can apply for properties up to $270 per week.
  • Contact your employer to confirm details and/or check Centrelink statements
  • Complete a TICA check – see for more details
  • Contact your past and present agent / landlord and check references
  • Contact your personal referees and check references

All information is provided to the owner of the property you have applied for so that they can make an informed decision.

Time to Process Your Application

Please allow 3 business days for us to process your application. We use App Tracker and you’ll be automatically updated via email as your application progresses.   We ask that you do not call continually to check on the progress as this will only cause delays.