Kylie Best

Business Owner and Property Manager

Knowing how much she adores her job and the business, it’s uncanny that Kylie once vowed and declared never to become a property manager.  Securing her first job in real estate as a receptionist, Kylie went on to work in sales administration positions and declined many an offer to venture over to ‘the dark side’.

Just prior to Christmas of 2009, Kylie agreed to babysit a portfolio for a friend who was travelling overseas for 6 weeks.  She was horrified to find the portfolio in such a mess.  The arrears ran into several thousand dollars, inspections hadn’t been done for months, there were no real systems in place and certainly no communication happening.


It was during this 6 weeks that Kylie learned she had a natural gift for the job, and the biggest surprise of all – that she loved it.  Securing a full time position with a local agency, Kylie spent the following four and a half years learning everything she could about being the very best of property managers.

With a passion for providing excellence in customer service, and a drive to change the industry, she took the plunge in September of 2014, starting Welcome Home Rentals from her living room.

“It was only meant to be a small business,” Kylie says, now the director of a team of 6 employees.  In May of 2016, the living room office was traded in for a 95m2 office space in Monkland Street which only added to the exposure and organic growth of the business.

“Our aim is not to be the biggest, but it is to be the best,” is a motto that Kylie, and her husband, Grant, share wholeheartedly.