Is your property vacant because your advertisement is pathetic?

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What Your Property Manager Says About You… After You Vacate

Property manager tenancy references – everybody has a story… and like any story there’s three sides – yours, theirs and the truth.   So how do the ‘stories’ differ? Read more

Carpet Cleaning Can Be A Rip-Off

Anybody who hires a machine can apply for an ABN and call themselves a carpet cleaner but there’s a huge difference between ‘registered’ and ‘reputable’.

Paul from Promax Pest and Carpets explained it perfectly on his recent Facebook post.

“Some have been asking me the difference between a truck mount Steam Cleaning Machine & a portable shampooer. Read more

Bonds and Carpets

Carpets – What You Can’t Hide Under A Rug

Carpets in your rental home can be disastrous if you spill something.  We’ve gathered some helpful information to ensure your bond isn’t gone in a flash as a result of stains. Read more