Kylie Best

Business Owner and Property Manager

Born and raised in Gympie, I have a genuine love for the community and a desire to help others. I began my career in real estate at 16 years of age as a receptionist. Until 2010, my experience had been in sales administration. Property management always seemed full of problems and turmoil and I declined many offers to venture over to the ‘dark side.’

Just prior to Christmas of 2009, I agreed to babysit a portfolio for a friend who was travelling overseas for 6 weeks. “How hard could it be?” was my thought process.  I was shocked at the chaos, I walked into. There were tenants who were thousands of dollars in arrears, inspections that hadn’t been done for months, no real systems in place and certainly no communication happening. Throughout the 6 weeks, I began building relationships with clients, solving problems and organising the work environment. Clients began phoning and emailing to say how much they were indebted to me for my help and what I’d given them. Really, they were the ones who gave me something. They showed me my purpose.

My mother always told me that if I could find a job I loved, I’d never work a day in my life It’s not work to me. It’s a privilege to be of service.

Welcome Home Rentals is my business (or my baby as I like to call it).  I work long hours but it’s worth it to see people smile.  I help tenants find homes to make memories in and I help to take the hassle and headaches out of owning an investment property for my clients – it’s no wonder I love what I do.